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A website for meeting and convention planners, conference organizers and incentive travel buyers seeking new hotels, value dates and special offers from hotel properties and resorts wishing to fill holes in their booking calendars.

This site is designed for any entity involved in the meetings industry.  For a variety of reasons, hotels and resorts will occasionally offer "value dates", "hot dates" or other "special offers" to entice groups to book their properties.  The purpose of this site is to consolidate these dates and offers in one central place.  We also provide a list of new hotels and resorts under construction or those that have recently opened.

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Each of these buttons will take you to a page featuring special offers and value dates from various hotels and resorts.  The general nature of the listing can be found in the table at the top of the page.  The specifics can be seen by clicking on "Select" in the column on the left.  All tables can be sorted by clicking on the column headings.  Additional pages can be viewed by clicking on the numbers at the bottom of the tables.  There is no further information available on the "new hotels" page other than what can be seen in the table.

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All listings on this site are displayed as provided by the listing hotels and are based on availability.  These listings do not apply to groups already on the books and are subject to change or withdrawal at any time.  These value dates and special offers are available to all parties interested in booking a group block of 10 rooms or more that meet the listing requirements as shown.  Additional conditions may apply and will be provided directly by the hotel at time of inquiry. makes every effort to keep listings current but cannot guarantee the validity of the offer beyond what has been supplied by the listing properties.  Users of this site are under no obligation to use to take advantage of these offers.